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Microsoft HoloLens front

Microsoft Imagines the NFL Combined with HoloLens

Its already been well documented that teams from the National Football League (NFL) are using virtual reality (VR) to train their players, but what about using immersive technology to bring the fans closer to the game? Microsoft has some ideas with a new video for its mixed reality (MR) device, HoloLens. The concept not only gives an audience a more in depth look at a match but also unlocks a wealth of stats and information to view.

The video below showcases Microsoft’s aspirations for its HoloLens headset, showing what could be achieved with the device. Sat at home users can put on HoloLens to bring up details on the stadium and weather details for that game; focus on individual players stats and attributes; see 3D holographic models smash through walls; pinch, zoom and re-watch plays and tackles from different angles, and much more.

The company has also been asking the public for their ideas on possible app concepts for the device. The competition ran through December and early January, with three finalists chosen. Those were Airquarium, Grab the Idol and Galaxy Explorer, with the winning idea to be built by Microsoft.

As this is just a concept, and Microsoft has no current plans to release a consumer version, it’ll be some time before NFL fans will get anywhere near this immersion.

VRFocus will continue to report on the latest news on HoloLens as further details are announced.

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