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MIND Aiming for 90/120FPS on PS4 with PSVR Support

Those that have been following VRFocus for the past few years will have likely heard of MIND: Path to Thalamus from indie developer Carlos Coronado. The project has been long in-development, releasing on PC with virtual reality (VR) support a while back. The title is also in the works for PlayStation 4, with Coronado looking to support the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) for the console. Recently, the developer has confirmed that it is aiming to reach one of the two framerate options available for PlayStation VR compatible videogames.


Speaking to WCCF Tech, Coronado reconfirmed that MIND: Path to Thalamus was in the works for PlayStation VR, while also noting that it will either run at 90fps or 120fps on the platform. “Yes, it’s in the plans,” he said of the support. “Sony VR is an amazing closed VR system, and I think that is amazing! The hardware and the user base is already there so aside from the Gear VR I think it is going to be one of the wider audience VR headsets when it is released.

MIND: Path to Thalamus will run at 90 or 120Hz on PSVR, depending on testing.”

PlayStation VR has a 120Hz display that also supports 90Hz. The lower framerate will be used for titles running natively on the console, though the higher option will be available to developers that are running their projects a 60fps on the console. PlayStation VR’s display is then capable of ‘reprojecting’ this content in 120fps in-HMD, though it’s also possible for some times to run at this framerate natively. That said, examples of this are few and far between, best seen with Mixed Bag Games’ Futuridium series.

A release date and price for PlayStation VR are yet to be set, as are the same for the PlayStation 4 version of MIND: Path to Thalamus. Keep reading VRFocus for the latest on both.

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