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New To VR: Escape The Labyrinth In CoLab: First Rooms

It seems to be a week for puzzle games on New To VR as we head back to Oculus VR Share for a first time effort in virtual reality from developers Pixel Federation.  Their videogame, CoLab: First Rooms is a story driven experience that sees users have to navigate their way through a technological labyrinth, completing a number of challenges in different rooms. Tasks include a sliding picture puzzle, obeying (or not) the whims of the labyrinth’s overseer, shifting furniture (bizarrely) and dealing with a series of lasers.

CoLab: First Rooms CoLab: First Rooms

Originally intended as an experience to introduce people to VR, CoLab is a short but complete experience and requires an Oculus Rift DK2 head mounted display (HMD) running a pre-0.6 version of the SDK. Additional technical specifications for the videogame are listed on the Oculus VR Share page.

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