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Sony States “GameStop was speculating” in Relation to PlayStation VR Launch

Recent news on Sony Computer Entertainments (SCEs) head-mounted display (HMD) PlayStation VR, has been a little lacking. That was until a couple of days ago when Gamestop CEO Paul Raines said during a Fox Business News interview ‘we will launch the Sony product this fall.’ This then got everyone worried that the PlayStation VR launch window had slipped to Q3/Q4 2016, which it seems is not the case.

Both companies have issued responses, VRFocus reported on Gamestop saying to Polygon: “To clarify, Sony has not officially announced a release date for PlayStation VR. Whenever it launches, we are excited about how the technology will change gaming.”

PlayStation VR headset

While SCE has responded to Game Informer, which asked for clarification: “GameStop was speculating, and we have not released any further details on launch timing.” So it seems the PlayStation VR headset is still set for release during the original H1 launch window, although no official fixed dates have been released.

Specifications for the kit detail a 1080p OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, compatible videogames running at 60fps can also be ‘reprojected’ in 120fps in-HMD for a smoother experience.

The final piece of important information yet to be revealed is price. This may prove to be a crucial area as rumours are rife since Oculus VR launched its pre-orders of Oculus Rift, putting the benchmark at $599 USD.

VRFocus will continue to cover the latest PlayStation VR news, reporting back any announcements.

  1. Hey psvr launch I suspect that ps vr is going to be announced. at gdc in fact delays are actually good. someone told me that the games that are delayed are good games. So I’d rather sony take their time and make it perfect, then them rushing and end up being a flop, delay isn’t totally good news but it’s better than if it failed. Sony said they got one shot at this, and if it fails then we may never see vr again.

    1. You are referring to : Shigeru Miyamoto-sensei’s statement “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.

      Any way, I doubt that they will announce anything big at GDC, it a developers conference after all. The only thing they might reveal there is the final specs for the Processing Unit, and any -if at all- changes to the specs of the HMD itself.

      While they already said that they will offload the audio to the PU, I wonder if they will make it powerful enough to have physics computations offloaded to it as well!

  2. Certainly keeping us waiting with any news and I definitely wouldn’t want it rushed but I believe the hold up now is just content, think the headset is finished. But I wish we just had a little more info!

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