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Sports Illustrated Embraces VR with Latest Swimsuit Edition

The appeal of virtual reality (VR) is a growing force that creative agencies and brand marketers are using in greater numbers for promotion. The latest is from Sports Illustrated with its renowned Swimsuit Edition. Being launched in-line with its print and online versions will be the first VR content on the Swimsuit Edition app which supports iOS and Android.

Featuring both free and paid for content the app will include five 360-degree videos at launch, with more being added at a later date. The videos will be of three previous cover models, Irina Shayk, Hannah Davis and Nina Agdal, filmed in the Dominican Republic. There will also be thousands of photos, stories and standard videos too. The additional content will be split into two options, for $1.99 you can purchase VR content, photo and videos packages separately, or there’s a $4.99 option that’ll unlock it all. Swimsuit Edition subscribers will have access to all of it.


“Everybody wants to know what it’s like to be on the Swimsuit photo shoot. It’s the question I get all the time,” said Chris Hercik, SI Group’s creative director to Variety. “This year we are allowing everyone to be there in the Dominican Republic, with us and the models, to experience the Swimsuit issue in a completely immersive way.”

The latest print edition will also come in two versions, the regular magazine will be $7.99 USD, while a premium version with an included Google Cardboard headset will be available for $9.99 USD. The VR content on the app can be used without a VR HMD, and if you have a headset similar to Cardboard that can also be used.

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