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SUPERHOT Dev Has ‘Big plans’ for VR

Yesterday the developer for SUPERHOT revealed the title would be launching on PC on 25th, February 2016, with an Xbox One version to follow shortly after. Virtual reality (VR) compatibility news on the other hand has been very much lacking. The title at Oculus VR’s booth at a number of events throughout 2014, but during 2015 everything went quiet. But there’s good news for the future as the team has ‘big plans’ for VR implementation.

On SUPERHOT’s Kickstarter update page the developer wrote: “Big plans ahead for virtual reality. We’re working on something larger than we originally thought possible. We’ll start getting talkative about it after we release the regular reality version of SUPERHOT.”


What these big plans could be is anyone’s guess, a bigger world, altered visuals, room-scale compatibility, multiple headset release the list goes on. Gamers will have to wait a few more weeks yet to find out.

The highly stylised graphics in SUPERHOT help to focus the player on the videogames’ main mechanic, that being time moves only when the player moves. When standing still everything moves in super slow motion, allowing players to negotiate a route through an onslaught of enemies, usually under heavy gunfire. With no regenerating health bars, ammo or weapon pickups like a standard FPS, you must use your fists and grab enemies weapons to shoot, punch and out manoeuvre everything in your way.

VRFocus will continue to update our readers on SUPERHOT and the developers VR plans as further announcements are released.

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