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SUPERHOT Gets a Launch Trailer

It’s been a long road, but SUPERHOT, the anticipated first-person shooter (FPS) that achieved Kickstarter crowd-funding success back in 2014, is now finally available. The developer behind the project launched it earlier this week, though the promised virtual reality (VR) support is yet to be included. That support is still on the way – and being heavily teased – but, in the meantime, a brand new launch trailer for the project has arrived and can now be seen below.

Lasting just under a minute this brief trailer provides a quick look at SUPERHOT‘s gameplay, in which time moves only when the player does. As such, players have to make quick decisions as they clear rooms of enemies using any weapons that come to hand. The title has already been seen running on the Oculus Rift head-mounted display’s (HMD’s) second development kit (DK2), but it’s unclear what the VR support’s current status is.

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