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The Playroom VR

The Playroom VR Showcased by PlayStation VR at 2016 Taipei Game Show

Virtual reality (VR) played a big part in this year’s Taipei Game Show (TGS), and after Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) VR announcements last year there was much anticipation for what else it had in store for PlayStation VR (PS VR). SCE brought along its PS VR head-mounted display (HMD) to the exhibition event and after the opening ceremony, PS VR took to the stage first and showcased The Playroom VR where it was streamed live via YouTube.

In the video below of the showcase, Nicolas Doucet, The Playroom VR Producer and Creative Director, explains the general outline and content of the VR title. Doucet tells the audience that The Playroom VR features small interactive robots that are playable in the title’s multiplayer minigames. He talks through the kinds of activities users will play, including competitive activities such as Monster Escape where one player becomes a large destructive fish and the others are to stop the attacker, and co-operative games such as Ghost House where you work together to find where the ghosts are hiding. Nicolas sums up Playroom VR by saying: “Playroom VR is all about social VR and sharing VR with your friends and family.”

The Playroom VRAfter Doucet’s explanation of the game, players then went head-to-head to play one of the previously mentioned minigames, Monster Escape, including SCE Worldwide Studios (WWS) President Shuhei Yoshida, and the Taiwanese pop duo, Dears, Dewi Chien and Dabe Chen, along with two other volunteers that joined them on stage.

One half of the Dears duo wore the PS VR HMD, using her head movement to smash buildings and control her destructive character, while the other half along with Yoshida and the two volunteers took to the controllers to escape and defeat the monster.

Doucet concluded the showcase, saying: “I think it was so much fun to see people play VR for the first time and see their reactions. You can see how magical it is by the look on their face when they take the headset off. It’s amazing.”

The Playroom VR will be available when the PS VR launches.

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