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Virtual Reality To Feature Strongly At TED 2016

Virtual reality (VR) continues to seep into the mainstream, and there is no question of whether or not there will be positive reaction to it, and the inclusion of VR in major tech events only reinforces this. Tomorrow there will be two major names in VR that will take to the stage in TED 2016 to discuss VR in technology, entertainment, and design, along with ongoing showcasings of VR throughout the week.

With most VR action happening tomorrow, speaking at the event during the ‘Fantasies and Catlysts’ session is Vrse’s founder and CEO, Chris Milk, who has presented and talked at the event in previous years regarding immersive storytelling in VR, and it is said that attendees will be able to use an app from Vrse using Google Cardboard. The creator of Microsoft’s Hololens, Alex Kipman, will also be attending to share his experiences during the ‘Outside the Box’ session. As well as these speakers, it is said that there will be a showcasing of Void, a cinematic VR experience that places the user in a world where they can cast spells or fight in alien wars.

Hololens Apps

It was reported by Re/code that Chris Anderson, curator of TED, said: “There are speakers at TED who’ll be arguing that VR and augmented reality offer the chance of a dramatic shift in how we interact with computers and with the real world,” and went on to say “From digital to analog, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, from observation to immersion, the demos they are working on are jaw-dropping. We can’t wait.”

Milk also attended last year to present his film Clouds Over Sidra, a story based in a Syrian refugee in Jordan featuring a young girl.

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