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Vive’s UK Price Revealed

Virtual reality (VR) fans finally know the US price of the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). The kit, which is made in partnership with Half-Life developer Valve, will cost some $799 USD, making it $200 more expensive than the $599 Oculus Rift, though, unlike its competitor, it’s armed with equipment needed for Room Scale VR titles. But how does that price translate to some of the other countries that are going to be getting the kit? News on most territories is still under wraps, but it looks like the UK price has now been revealed.

HTC Vive CV1 - 2

Mashable is reporting that the HTC Vive will cost £689 GBP in the UK. At the UK’s current exchange rate, $799 works out to £554.63. It doesn’t appear that ordering from the country will affect any timing for deliveries. Pre-orders will be going live at 10:00 EST (15:00 GMT) on 29th February 2016, with the first shipments being sent out on 1st April. HTC is also set to partner with a number of manufacturers to offer ‘VR Ready’ PCs that meet the recommended specifications of the device.

The kit will also be arriving with two free titles for a limited time. These are Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator and Northway Games’ Fantastic Contraption.

Stay tuned to VRFocus for the latest updates on the HTC Vive.

  1. As usual UK prices are ridiculously higher, Surprise Surprise…
    The $ equivalent of £689 is $985, there would be a lot more moans if that was the case. But hay don’t worry about us in the UK.

    1. The price in the US is exclusive of VAT, while the price in the UK is inclusive of VAT. This is an important difference that you must keep in mind when comparing prices.

      Also they do add a bit to account for the difference in exchange rate between the currencies that changes on daily bases.

  2. US published prices never include Tax.

    Price Comparison without Tax;
    UK price (£689) – VAT = £551.20
    US price in dollars ($799, remember no tax added) converted to GBP = £554.63

    So we are paying less for the unit but more in tax (depending on the state you will pay up to 9.45% in the US. E.g. In Tennessee the unit will cost $874).

    Its not down to HTC or Valve, its our own government we need to thank lol

  3. Before people grab their pitchforks, remember UK prices include VAT at 20% which is an additional £110 bringing the £555 (yeah I’m rounding up) to £665. I think I’m correct in saying US taxes vary by state so therefore are not included in the $799 price tag. So HTC isn’t screwing us, our government is.

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