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VR Karts: Sprint Dev Release v1.4 Update

Samsung’s mobile Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) has been bolstering its line-up with new videogames and apps on a weekly basis. But developers behind longer standing titles have also been adding regular updates to ensure players keep coming back for more and to attract a new audience. Viewpoint Games is one studio that has been adding regular improvements to its popular racing title, VR Karts: Sprint. A new update has now arrived this week adding fresh content.

For VR Karts: Sprint version 1.4 now includes the following: one new environment –  Kart Canyon; 4 new tracks; enhanced driver and kart customization including helmet props; upgraded graphics and stability and performance improvements. As the name suggests, Kart Canyon has players racing round a cactus laden track, with sky-high rock formations, boulders and sandy dunes keeping everything contained.

VRKarts_Sprint Canyon Screenshot

Viewpoint Games only released v1.3 last month, and since then have been working on giving players the best possible virtual reality (VR) racing experience adding extra polish to the videogame, whilst adding in fixes for a smooth, fun title.

VR Karts: Sprint features single-player, championship and online multiplayer modes, and does require a Bluetooth gamepad to play. VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest updates to VR Karts: Sprint as more announcements are released.

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