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VRFocus Two Years On: A Letter from the Editor

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of VRFocus. For 2 years we’ve been bringing you all the latest news, hands-on reports, features and interviews with key players in the virtual reality (VR) industry every single day. There’s been a huge amount of changes in that time – both within the industry and internally here at VRFocus – and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved in that time.

When VRFocus first began it seemed like the dawn of a new age of VR was just around the corner. 2 years later and we’re finally about to make that turn with the launch of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) within sight. Since VRFocus began there’s been numerous other players join the field, most notably Valve’s collaboration with HTC and PlayStation VR, yet it remains the duty of the Oculus Rift to set the benchmark for high quality VR in the home. For those of you who have become regular readers of VRFocus – either from the very beginning or only in recent months – you’ll know that the device achieve this gracefully, and that next month’s launch will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting (and hectic!) times the VR industry has yet seen.

So how is a specialist VR website like VRFocus prepared to tackle such a potentially daunting situation, you might ask? Well, in reality, it’s the moment we’ve been preparing for throughout these past two years. We’ve spent time ensuring that we have a talented team to deal with all the latest breaking stories; knowledgeable writers who can asses the validity of entertainment software products as VR experiences; opinion makers and critical thinkers. We’ve greatly upped the quantity of our video content, we’ve established new feature series for both new comers and key members of the community alike, and we’ve reached out to see exactly what it is that is expected of us by that exact same community.

Many of you will have already seen the teaser for our brand new regular show, VRTV. This is the first of many new initiatives VRFocus will be launching this year, with new team members Zeena Al-Obaidi and Bella Franco working tirelessly to keep you updated with all the latest from key figures in the industry through both fortnightly editions and on-location reporting. Despite only having been revealed yesterday VRFocus has already received a great response to VRTV, and we have some fantastic guests lined-up for you over the coming months.

Some of you may remember VRFocus‘ experimentation with 360 degree video, the VRCast, and you’ll be pleased to hear that this feature will be making a comeback very soon. The VRCast will become yet another regular addition to VRFocus‘ content arsenal while not detracting from the regular daily output the team here have become known for.

VRTV and the VRCast will address 2 very different sides of the coin. VRTV is will be an entertainment product aimed at audiences of all knowledge levels, while the VRCast is positioned to cater direct to the core VR demographic, with opinion and debate championed over product reveals or exclusives. The VRCast is what the majority of our regular readers – most likely those who are reading this letter – have been calling for over the last year, and we’ve worked to ensure that the content we create delivers.

VRTV and the VRCast are only 2 of the new streams of content coming to VRFocus this year however, with a huge selection of new regular features, content reviews and topical debate set to hit the website very soon. And what about that redesign everyone and their dog has been calling for? Well, we’ve been listening to all your requests – every single one – and there’ll be much more to share on this very soon. To borrow a paraphrase from one of our industry’s greatest leaders; it’ll be weeks not months.

  1. How will you split your VR focus? 1/3 for each of the main VR headsets? Or 60% for Oculus and 20% for PSVR and 20% for Vive?

    1. We will seek news wherever it is. VRFocus focuses on the topic of VR – regardless of the source or platform. There is more out there after all than the Rift, Vive and PSVR after all. 🙂

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