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VRLA Posts Recap Video of Winter Expo 2016

Some of the biggest names in virtual reality (VR) showcased what they have created with the head-mounted displays (HMD) ready to be launched this year at the 2016 Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) Winter Expo, with thousands of people attending to try them out. VRLA has posted a video recap featuring what happened and what was showcased at this year’s Winter Expo.

The video below first features clips of the queues and neon lights at the start of the event, then moving on to show attendees putting on the different HMDs and experiencing what was being showcased. Audio from one of the presentations at the event is played over the top on how it is ‘possible we can maintain or even better repair our connection to our imagination’. Showcased items that featured in the video include Virtuix’s omni-directional treadmill, Virtuix Omni, The Grand Canyon VR Experience by Immersive Entertainment, and the hugely popular virtual reality videogame prototype by Epic Games, Bullet Train. The presenter points out at one point that a small child ‘is not going to remember a time before virtual reality’. The video concludes with people taking off the HMDs with massive smiles on their faces, summing up the event as a whole.

Bullet Train 02

It was announced before the expo that AMD will be VRLA’s continued partner and will present all of its events this year.

Keep an eye out for news on the next VRLA expo right here on VRFocus.

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