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VRUK: Rebellion on VR Liveblog [UPDATED]

UK-based videogame developer Rebellion is soon to make its virtual reality (VR) debut. The studio is working on a VR update of classic tank battling series, Battlezone, which it aims to release alongside the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) later this year. Today, Rebellion Marketing and PR Manager, Robbie Cooke, is at the VRUK festival in London, UK, to talk about the team’s work with the technology.

Cooke is hosting a talk titled ‘A problem shared is a problem solved: how the lessons learned in VR game dev can help film and other media’, which VRFocus will be liveblogging below. “Robbie Cooke discusses the changes and problems Rebellion had to manage when transitioning from traditional games company to VR games developers,” the events official description reads.

UPDATE: To clarify the post regarding the immaturity of VR: Cooke referred to Faliszek’s tweet in regard to how VR should avoid the immaturity of the wider videogames industry.

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