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WakingApp and PPI Adding VR and AR Content to Toys

PPI Worldwide, a company focused on loyalty promotion, collectible toy designer & producer and novelty promotional supplier has recently partnered with WakingApp, a cloud-based platform for creating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content through its ENTiTi Creator. This collaboration will enable PPI to use WakingApp’s platform to pair VR and AR content with its toys.

Bringing WakingApp’s knowledge and expertise in VR and AR means PPI can combine interactive digital content with its physical creations, aiming to create more engaging experiences for its customers.

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“The rising popularity of mobile devices and gaming with children of all ages has companies on the lookout for the right way to digitize their products to keep users engaged and sales strong,” said Isaias Miremberg, PPI Worldwide owner in a statement. “Now that we have the ability to easily create and update new AR or VR content with ENTiTi Creator, it will be a game changer for PPI as we add a new dimension to our customers’ promotions.”

“The goal of every manufacturer and agency is to increase engagement with products and build stronger brands,” said Alon Melchner, founder and president of WakingApp. “Virtual and augmented reality show great promise as a powerful method of engaging customers. By helping PPI expand their reach into the digital realm, across all of the latest devices, the ENTiTi platform is positioning PPI and its customers as industry innovators.”

PPi and WakingApp will be presenting the new strategic partnership at this weeks 2016 Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain. Its not clear what toys will be involved or when we’re likely to see the fruits of the collaboration.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of WakingApp, reporting back with any new announcements.

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