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Windlands’ Brand New City World Revealed

Earlier in the year anticipated virtual reality (VR) adventure title, Windlands, launched in Steam’s Early Access system. The release followed the news that Crystal Rift developer Psytec Games had picked up the project to help with development and publishing. Much of what’s been seen since has been similar to the version of the title that released in demo-form during an IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign. Today, however, VRFocus can reveal the first glimpse at a brand new environment for the title in several images seen below.

Psytec Games has supplied VRFocus with the first look at a City-based level for the upcoming project. The title’s first level was set in a forest, but here you can see massive, ancient buildings that pierce the sky, a labyrinth of pipes sprawling throughout the environment and dotted patches of trees. As with the first level, players will be able to explore this world with the aid of an enhanced jumping mechanics and a pair of grappling hooks that will allow them to swing through the city at speed, gathering collectables.

Windlands is in development for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs), and will support the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive position-tracked controllers respectively. Standard controller integration is also included, with grappling hooks them looked to the player’s head movements. Psytec Games plans to release the full version of the title either in or before June 2016, with the Early Access version continuing to be updated during that time. The price for the pre-release version and full edition will be the same at ¬£14.99 GBP.

For the latest on Windlands, stay tuned to VRFocus.

WindlandsCity1 WindlandsCity2 WindlandsCity3 WindlandsCity4 WindlandsCity6 WinlandsCity5


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