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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: Hop On Board A Ferrari F1 Car For A Pre-Season Spin

As pre-season testing continues a brand new Formula 1 season is about to begin and all the teams are trying to get their cars working properly before the lights go green. Red Bull are still rebuilding following 2014, Haas are the new kids on the block and have a lot to prove, Manor have Mercedes power and might well be a dark horse depending on their chassis. Renault are back, Williams and Toro Rosso are still in the fight and McLaren… well… the McLaren looks better than last year at any rate.

Of course everyone is still playing catch up with the works Mercedes team, and not just when it comes to racing.  As some of you may remember just over two years ago Mercedes teamed up with VISUALISE and captured 360 footage of a Formula 1 car in action, but that was actually preceded in 2012 by Red Bull. Now it’s Ferrari’s turn to get in on the 360 degree act as you get onboard with Kimi Raikkonen to do battle with his Ferrari teammate and Sebastian Vettel and a third Ferrari presumably driven by test driver Luca Badoer.

And for those of you who didn’t like the noise reduction in previous seasons I have good news, the 2016 cars seem a lot louder.

VRFocus will return soon with another slice of life in 360 degrees.

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