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Behind the Scenes of VRTV #2

Here’s the behind the scenes of the latest VRTV episode.

It seemed that you guys enjoyed the more candid look into VRTV, and I have more to share looking back on the second episode of the show. If you haven’t seen the show yet make sure you check it out and enter the competition!

What you guys may or may not have noticed is that this technically isn’t the second episode, but in fact the first – only due to chronological differences. On the day that we filmed VRTV #1, I sat down with Jules and Sylvain in the morning before Stef and Daley arrived as that was the way the schedule worked. Gasp, it’s all smoke and mirrors! I have to admit, with the costume changes it did get a little hectic but it all worked out in the end. Both of the guests were an absolute pleasure to talk to, and I had a great chance to see Bossa Studios at one of their mentioned meetups which of course led on to meeting great people in the industry – but I digress.


In turn, the news segment and competition was filmed a week later to make sure everything was up to date and that it of course gave a fair amount of time for you to enter the competition. The HP Envy Laptop giveaway turned out to be a massively sought after prize, and it was great to be able to give our dedicated viewers a chance to win something pretty big, as this is only the second of many episodes to come.

In terms of looking forward, the past two episodes have opened up much room for improvement and I hope you guys will see how much we really are working on the show to make it as polished and entertaining as we can – so don’t think your comments are going unseen!

vrtv 2222

For this week’s prize – which is open to four winners – are steam codes for the Oculus Rift launch title, Albino Lullaby. Comment below here, on the previous episode, or tweet me @ZeenaVRFocus telling me which HMD you have or wish to order, and why.

Expect VRTV #3 to hit your screens at 3pm GMT next Thursday – 24th March – but keep an eye out for the teaser early next week. Have a great weekend and stick around with VRFocus!

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