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Behind the Scenes of VRTV #3

Here’s the DL on the latest VRTV episode.

The latest episode of VRTV came out last Thursday, and I was pretty excited to get this one out. Now that we have worked out the grammar of the show, and that there wasn’t any faulty equipment, the show ran smoothly and I hope you guys at home could see that too. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, watch it before you read any further.

My guests this week were Samantha Kingston and Richard Huddy, not only two names in VR who have helped the growth of the industry itself, but also two names who can keep the room chuckling and spirits high throughout filming. Richard Huddy in particular – and if you have the pleasure to meet him you will appreciate this – has one explosive sense of humour. The picture below is courtesy of Sammy on Twitter – I thought it captured the mood pretty well.

The latest competition definitely got everyone excited while we looked through the GDC bundle, and I can’t deny that I got a little bit jealous of the potential winners of the shirts, badges, and stickers from some of the top names in VR. Just to remind you guys, to enter you need to either comment below, on the YouTube video, or tweet @ZeenaVRFocus about which upcoming major gaming event you’re looking forward to the most.

You can expect the next episode of VRTV next Thursday, but before that I will give you a teaser on who will be featured on the episode. In the meantime check VRFocus for the latest news and updates in VR.


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