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Best Buy Suggests Final PlayStation VR Launch Date

Proof or placeholder?

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) went half way to revealing the launch date for its PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) at the 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC) last week. The company confirmed that the kit would be arriving for PlayStation 4 owners this October for some $399 USD as a core package. Pre-orders for a launch bundle priced at $499 have arrived in the US today, however, and may well hint at the full release date for the kit.

While pre-orders for the kit have already sold out on Amazon, Best Buy is still taking orders. In fact, putting one in your cart and then viewing it reveals some interesting information, as seen in the screen cap below. According to the site, PlayStation VR will be hitting on Monday, 31st October. There’s every chance that this is just a placeholder date, of course, but it’s entirely possible that SCE has chosen to release late in the month and closer to the holiday season.

The launch bundle for PlayStation VR includes two PlayStation Move motion controllers, the camera needed to actually track the kit, and a copy of SCE London Studio’s compilation disc, PlayStation VR Worlds. Pre-orders went live at 07:00 PT today, and pre-orders for the core release with just the HMD will be launching at the same time on 29th March.

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