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Bowslinger screenshot

Bowslinger Trailer For HTC Vive Released

Early footage of a new archery videogame for HTC Vive.

The virtual reality (VR) industry is gearing up for a couple of big weeks, with the Oculus Rift launch today and the HTC Vive launch next Monday. A lot of the videogames available for these two head-mounted displays (HMDs) have been created by indie developers who are passionate about the immersive technology. New to the fold is Seattle-based developer Pompaduo, releasing a trailer for an archery videogame on HTC Vive called Bowslinger.

The one-minute video gives a glimpse of what to expect from Pompaduo, with a title that tests users aiming skills on a number of different targets. The first targets are similar to clay pigeon shooting, little balls being fired into the air that require pin point accuracy. The trailer then moves onto standard target practice with red and white disks appearing then purple ones for higher points. The whole sequence finishes with small apples placed on top of some dummies heads, the first two apples are hit cleanly but the last dummy isn’t so fortunate.

Pompaduo has released several development trailers over the last few weeks via its Twitter account, showing the steady progress being made. The studio has revealed when it plans to release Bowslinger, but VRFocus will continue to follow the Twitter updates, reporting back on any further developments.

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