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Camel 101 Release Syndrome Trailer

Camel 101 release trailer for survival horror title, Syndrome, promising big scares.

Horror titles in virtual reality (VR) can be hit or miss, with developers wanting to give an enjoyable experience with the least amount of damage inflicted. Camel 101 ignored the warnings when it revealed its survival horror title last year, Syndrome, claiming survival horror to be ‘too docile’, and has now released a trailer for the Oculus Rift videogame.

The first-person survival title, which makes players struggle with limited and ineffective ammunition, takes place on a dying ship where uncovering the truth is your only chance of survival. Players will defend themselves against creatures who are stronger and ‘utterly deadly’, watching their movements from the shadows for the right time to sneak away. The trailer below showcases gameplay, including the threats the player will come in contact with.


Syndrome is expected to be released this summer for PC and console, with Oculus rift support at launch. Before the release, Camel 101 will be taking a hands-on demo to EGX Rezzed, which will be the first time it will be playable at a major gaming event.

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