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Chinese VR Camera Company Insta360 Announces Global Plans

Chinese 360-camera firm plans to launch its products abroad.

There’re a lot of virtual reality (VR) companies that don’t get mentioned in the press for various reasons, the main one usually being that they’re localised to their own markets so won’t see international coverage. One such firm is Insta360 a China-based 360-degree camera business that only operates in the country. But Insta360 has bigger plans and is now looking to enter the US market with its range of cameras.

Insta360 Nano

Founded in 2014, Insta360 has developed and launched two spherical cameras. The first is Insta360 4K, a professional video camera with a 4K resolution, while the second is Insta360 Nano, targeted at the consumer level market. The company will be releasing its first run of Nano cameras next month for consumers to buy. The Insta360 4K helped the Insta360 gain international recognition by featuring at the 2016 IF Design Awards for its industrial design.

In terms of rivals in the market the company has stated: “We match up quite well with the leading VR competitor Ricoh Theta.” So it knows where its aiming for but as yet has released plans on when it’ll be launching its cameras on to the wider market.

VRFocus will bring you any further details of Insta360’s expansion plans as details are announced.

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