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Crystal Rift screenshot

Crystal Rift Update Released, Limited Time Discount Available

Get in quick for a discounted virtual reality horror experience.

There’s quite a few videogames available for gamers who’ve been fortunate enough to have already received their Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs). It been a couple of days since the launch and horror title Crystal Rift by Psytec Games has today received a new update ensuring its compatibility with the new HMD.

Along with some general fixes the main part of the update includes support for Oculus VR’s software development kit (SDK) version 1.3 and Steam VR’s SDK version 1.0.8, as the title will also support the HTC Vive HMD when it arrives next week.


Psytec Games is also offering a limited time discount promotion which ends on 6th April. The developer is offering a 15 per cent discount off the standard retail price on Steam, bringing the cost down from £10.99 GBP to £9.34 GBP.

The full changelog for Crystal Rift can be found below:

We have improved Vive support for Standing and Sitting, with or without 3D input. While Crystal Rift is awesome with 3D input, we would recommend using an XBox controller.

The game is quite long and standing and waving your arms around for hours can be hard work.

We have fixed an issue with Crystal Idols counts. You require 22 idols to open up the secret level at the end of the game, every level has a secret Crystal Idol. Only the Dragon Levels and last level do not contain an idol.

We have updated the Oculus SDK to 1.3

We have updated the Steam VR SDK 1.0.8

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Psytec Games, reporting back with any new project updates.

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