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Defense Grid 2 screenshot

Defense Grid 2’s VR Content to Be Exclusive to Oculus Rift

Original release won’t see update.

Hidden Path Entertainment is one of many developers that’s excited about the launch of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) tomorrow. That’s because the studio is one of the 30 with a title ready for that launch. Over the past year the team has been working on Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition, expanding its popular 2014 release with new levels and tweaked features. Those wondering if this new content might show up in the original version of the title or on other HMDs now have an answer, though; it’s all exclusive to Oculus Rift.

Defense Grid 2 screenshot

Hidden Path Entertainment CEO Jeff Pobst explained as much to VRFocus in an interview to be posted tomorrow. “It is, yes,” Pobset replied when asked if the new content was exclusive to Oculus Rift. “And as you saw, it’s designed for VR. It’s vertically, it doesn’t have a lot of the constraints we normally have when we’re looking through a flat screen. It was 3D content before and we had constraints for how we made it up to this point where the camera angle was kind of a certain way and you could adjust it a little bit but we wanted to make sure you could see all the tower build squares.

“Now as you can look anywhere, you can teleport down to the tower build squares and get in super close, you can pop around, you can see all parts of the level you couldn’t see before. We had a lot to do.”

Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition will cost $29.99 USD when it launches tomorrow. Check back with VRFocus for more on the title soon.

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