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Experience the Thrill of Farming with EDEKA Dorf Drift on Gear VR

There are some weird and wonderful virtual reality (VR) experiences on Samsung Gear VR. From BUTTS: The VR Experience to new animated series Invasion! featuring rabbits, there’s something for everyone. New to the head-mounted displays (HMDs) content line-up this week is a 360-degree video called EDEKA Dorf Drift from EDEKA a German company that specialises in jobs and training.

EDEKA Dorf Drift screenshot

EDEKA Dorf Drift is a video that puts viewers on a farm tractor as it goes about its daily task of farming fresh vegetables and fruit. The official description reads: ” Where do all the vegetables come from? Dive into the world of lightning fast fresh vegetables delivery of the EDEKA market. Take a ride alongside the tuned farm tractor with a 450hp engine delivering fresh apples to your local store.”

The experience is free to download from the Oculus Store, and doesn’t require a gamepad to play.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of all the latest Gear VR releases, as new content hits the store.

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