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GDC 2016 Liveblogs: “Explorers in VR: Walking the Edge of Nowhere”

With Creative Director of Insomniac Games, Brian Allgeier.

We come to the end of another Games Developer Conference but there are still sessions going on at GDC 2016 and certainly ones linked with virtual reality (VR).

Our first liveblog for today follows the team from Insomniac Games, whose Creative director Brian Allgeier is presenting a session entitled “Explorers in VR: Walking the Edge of Nowhere” which looks to chart the development of their third-person VR experience Edge of Nowhere.

“Virtual Reality has the power to create immersive and thrilling experiences, yet poses many challenges from simulator sickness to simple navigation. Insomniac Games Creative Director, Brian Allgeier, walks through the lessons and pitfalls learned while developing Edge of Nowhere, a third person VR experience and one of the first games published for the Oculus Rift. Attendees will witness early production prototypes, get a sneak peak of unreleased game footage, and learn about the many guidelines gleamed from developing innovative and groundbreaking tech.”

You can follow the liveblog below:

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