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Gear VR Title qb Arriving in April

New details released for upcoming Gear VR title.

During February VRFocus reported on Italian studio PlaySys releasing a short teaser trailer for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) videogame qb. The developer has now revealed further information on what the title actually is, as well as the release date.

Developed just for the Samsung Gear VR head-mount display (HMD), qb is VR puzzle videogame where the goal is to activate Defected Code Streamer Modules by throwing Data Cubes in them. That means matching the coloured cubes with their respective modules. There will be 12 increasingly difficult levels to progress through, with the points earned in each level to be used unlocking upgrades to aid in your progress. Details on how the levels and difficulty changes hasn’t been revealed yet, or on the different upgrades available.


PlaySys has said that after the initial release, when further updates are added these will include level packs to increase the playability of qb.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of qb, reporting back any further announcements.

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