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Gunfire Games’ Chronos Has Now ‘Gone Gold’

Things get finalised for the Oculus backed title.

Virtual reality (VR) fans finally got the news today on the Oculus Rift’s full launch line-up of titles, along with their respective prices. One of those was Gunfire Games’ Chronos, and the developer has now revealed that the VR videogame has now ‘gone gold’

For those that might not know, that term means a videogame developer has now fully completed their project, especially important when the release date is less than two weeks away.

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“It feels great to finally be here, so close to the finish line,” said David Adams, President of Gunfire Games.  “It’s awesome to work on a launch title for exciting new hardware like Rift and to be part of such a huge launch.  We can’t wait for March 28 to arrive so players can get their hands on both Rift and Chronos.”

Chronos is centred around a young boy or girl on a lifelong quest to complete an ancient labyrinth. Inside holds the secrets necessary to save his homeland but the unique twist in the story is that the labyrinth can only be opened once a year. If a player fails in their quest then they’re cast out and must return one year later. This means as each subsequent attempt fails the character ages and there for loses the benefit of youth, being quick and agile and replaces those qualities as he ages for wisdom and magic.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gunfire Games’ VR projects, reporting back any new announcements.

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