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HTC Vive CV1 / HTC Vive Consumer Version

HTC Hosting ‘HTC Vive DevLabs’ Soon, GDC Dev Event Also Confirmed

The HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is now available to pre-order for $799 USD, with first shipments to be made on 5th April 2016, though current orders are backdated to May. HTC itself isn’t slowing down when it comes to showcasing the anticipated kit at events around the world, however. The next major date for the device will likely be the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California. In fact, it appears that HTC has some interesting plans for the event and beyond.

HTC Vive CV1 - 2

The HTC Vive’s new US homepage, from which fans can pre-order the device, lists some new events for the kit’s world tour. Past shows like the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) are listed, but it’s two other events that are of interest. Firstly, the company is planning a Developer Event for the first two days of GDC on 14th – 15th March. It’s not been confirmed exactly what the company will be detailing or showing at the event. This puts it in line with Oculus VR and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), however, who will both have events for their respective HMDs.

Perhaps the more interesting listing, however, is for something called ‘HTC Vive DevLabs’. There’s no word on what this event could be, with the site only noting that it’s ‘Coming Soon’. Perhaps this could be a sort of developer conference for those working with the HTC Vive? Oculus VR has its own conference in Oculus Connect, after all, so it could be that HTC and HTC Vive co-creator Valve are planning to match it.

Check back with VRFocus for the latest on the HTC Vive.

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  1. I read on the Internet that they are going to announce HL3 as a launch title at the DevLabs event. Or I could have just imagined it.

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