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Immersv Announces Mobile VR Ad Platform

While more and more videogame studios are starting to develop for virtual reality (VR) devices, there is always the issue of getting your project noticed. Avenues such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and news sites are the go to outlets for promotion but what about in VR itself. Announced today by Immersv is a mobile VR advertising platform dedicated to helping consumers discover VR apps and content.

Supporting mobile platforms like Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard, Immersv not only allows consumers to find the VR entertainment they want but also enables VR developers to drive distribution and monetization for their content. The ad units, featuring trailer videos for apps, can be integrated into any app wherever the studio deems appropriate. This can be when a user first launches an app, during breaks in the action, or as part of the native app experience.


“Virtual Reality has reached its tipping point, and just about the only thing holding it back is consumers’ ability to find great VR content,” said Mihir Shah, co-founder and CEO of Immersv in a statement. “Our goal is to build a marketplace to help consumers discover great VR apps and experiences, and to empower all the artists, content producers and game publishers building VR content to turn their hard work and creativity into commercial success.”

Several VR developers have already integrated the Immersv software development kit (SDK), including Archiact, Element Games, Lunagames, Alitech, Arloopa and Meta3D. “Immersv fills an important void in the virtual reality industry: they provide discovery for VR in VR,” said Marcin Szymanski, Founder, Element Games. “And our users love the ad experience — the Immersv solution is a natural extension to our game.”

Immersv’s ad platform will be on display at next weeks Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016 in San Francisco, and VRFocus will be there to bring you any further details announced.

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