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Inner Chains Achieves Funding Goal, Greenlit on Steam

Funding success for the dark biomechanical videogame.

Earlier this month VRFocus reported on developer Telepaths Tree launching a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for horror title Inner Chains. The studio also ran a Steam Greenlight campaign alongside and both of those have been a success.

Telepaths Tree announced the videogame had been Greenlit and hit its funding goal on the same day, only eight days after launch. The team had been seeking $10,000 USD for the project, and now at time of writing total funding has hit $13,462 USD. There’re stretch goals in place with the first at $15,000 USD which will add Linux support. After that, at $20k two extra enemies will be added, at $35k three extra plants will be added, while at $50K alternative versions of three guns in the game will be created with new modes, and at $70k an alternative ending will be included.

Inner Chains screenshot

VR support is also on the agenda, but as of yet its unclear what the studios plans are as no head-mounted displays (HMDs) have been announced.

The world of Inner Chains is a dark biomechanical place, where millennia of evolution has warped organic organisms and mechanical creations together. Players must uncover the secrets of the planet and defeat its dangerous inhabitants to escape.

Inner Chains’ Kickstarter still has seventeen days to go, giving plenty of time to time some of those extra goals. And VRFocus will bring you any further details of VR support of the title, as details are released.

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