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John Wick: The Impossible Task

John Wick Gets New Screenshots And A Revamped Title

“Episode 1” now “The Impossible Task.”

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we first brought you news of the virtual reality (VR) experience based on John Wick. Before and since then there have been a number of VR tie-ins for films such as Mission Impossible but nothing has had the same reaction amongst the VRFocus community or amongst the VRFocus staff ourselves than the prospect of becoming John Wick. Even those who had not seen the film were excited by the prospect. That says a lot as to the strength of the brand and the confidence in what the experience could deliver.

The last time we spoke on John Wick was in October however, when editor Kevin Joyce brought you a preview of John Wick: The VR Experience – Chapter 1 for the HTC Vive which he described as “remarkable” in its visual quality.  Now thanks to GDC we have screenshots to show you of the renamed John Wick: The Impossible Task.

You can see the logo and screenshots below.

John Wick: The Impossible Task

jonwick_logoready_image2_02 jonwick_logoready_image3_02 WickScreen01 WickScreen02 WickScreen03

VRFocus will bring you more on John Wick: The Impossible Task as soon as we can.

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