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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: Formula E Gets The 360 Treatment

It feels as though the week is racing by, which is strangely appropriate as after yesterday’s video where you took a seat just above Kimi Raikkonen’s head as he raced around a circuit in his Ferrari we’re moving from Formula 1 to Formula E.

If you’re not familiar with Formula E think of it as Formula 1 but with electric race cars and teams trying to push the technology as far as they can. Teams doing battle on the track and also balencing pushing against the amount of charge they have remaining. Drivers do not change tires or refuel in pit stops – they get in a second car.

Here we get behind the virtual wheel in Buenos Aires interspersed with views from cameras on corner walls as well as being within the crowd for when the champagne starts flying. Nicely the 2 minute video is also interspersed with commentary from the event.

VRFocus will back again soon with more 360 degree footage.

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