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Life In 360°: Jaunt VR & Ray Lamontagne Take You On An Unusual Musical Journey

Interpretive dance galore in this 360° music video for single “Hey, No Pressure”

The music video has in one form or another been around for nearly 100 years, and some would argue that it has been around for even longer. Evolving over time from the Warner Bros’ Spooney Melodies (that is indeed where Looney Tunes’ Merry Melodies got its name) in the 1920-30’s to the crossover musical film populated by stars of the day such as Elvis and dedicated film experiences of The Beatles in the 1960’s through to the first modern interpretations of a music video oft credited to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in 1975.

With the introduction of 360 degree video a new wave of music videos is beginning to emerge. Some still tell a story, some place you in the center of the party with the entire band surrounding you and some are like this experience from JauntVR and Grammy award winning musician Ray Lamontagne for Lamontagne’s latest single “Hey, No Pressure” – a slightly psychedelic experience with swirling smoke and interpretive dance.

No one can say we don’t give you variety on Life In 360°.

You can view the video below, come back tomorrow for our final offering of the week which will take us on a trip to America’s capital.

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