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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: The Washinton Post & Brazillian Government Protests

After a corruption scandal, Brazillians take to the streets – and the Post shows you the scale.

After the rush of the Oculus launch we’re back to normality, or as close as we can, with another Life in 360. The thing about that name though, Life in 360 is it is just that – life. It can be silly, or entertainment, or educational but it is also about people.

Over in Brazil the people aren’t having the best of times at the moment, hardly good preparation with the Rio de Janeiro Olympics just around the corner. Between the much publicised Zika virus and economic woes there was plenty of strain already. Now a corruption scandal has led to large scale demonstrations against the government.

Brazilian correspondent to The Washington Post Dom Phillips was at the scene of one such protest and recorded this 360 degree footage which also includes a report on the situation.

VRFocus will be back soon with more examples of 360 degree video.

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