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Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes Try Out Gear VR

Watch Wesley Snipes try to get Lil Wayne’s attention as he delivers a baby elephant.

If you haven’t seen the Samsung Galaxy S7 and virtual reality (VR) mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR, advertised on television or seen them plastered outside on billboards – which really is very hard to miss – then you might not have seen this advert featuring rapper Lil Wayne and actor Wesley Snipes try on the Gear VR to promotes Samsung’s newest releases.

In one of the adverts Lil Wayne, famous for performing tracks such as Lollipop and A Milli, features alongside Wesley Snipes, who played Blade in the Blade Trilogy, and it turns out to be pretty funny. As the actor tries moves his head around asking Lil Wayne if the experience is amazing, the rapper hushes him as he delivers a baby elephant, highlighting how immersed they are in their seperate VR experiences.

The rapper features in other adverts demonstrating the capabilities of the S7, including its water-resistance, in comical ways. You can see the advert featuring the Gear VR below.

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