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MaxPlay to Demonstrate MaxCore During GDC 2016

Many software developers have flocked to GDC this week to put out their products, and this is especially exciting with virtual reality (VR) as it only emphasises the industry’s growth and need for more software. Independent tech company, Maxplay, will be revealing and demonstrating its latest multi-threading and rendering technology, MaxCore.

The technology improves video game performance, which is very important especially for VR applications which will max out CPU utilisation. The rendering system, an ‘advanced data parallel computing architecture’, is designed for multi-core devices, giving great power to video game software devs. MaxPlay will be demonstrating Origami Sky, which features thousands of origami cranes swarm a Japanese Zen Garden, and highlights: MaxCore’s proprietary engine; a visually rich rendered scene that shows off Light Indexed Deffered Rendering, Physically-based Rendering, Instanced Mech Rendering, and dynamic soft shadows on all objects; and thousands of animated objects with real-time dynamic lights.

origami sky

“We are thrilled to be showcasing MaxCore in Intel’s booth during GDC,” said MaxPlay CEO Sinjin Bain in a press release. “MaxCore combined with our GDS becomes one of the most powerful game development platforms in the market and will be especially advantageous for optimizing CPU performance on multi-core chipsets for developing mixed reality experiences and games.”

Demos of Maxplay’s Maxcore technology can be seen in the previously mentioned Intel booth during this week’s event by contacting the team via email.

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