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Actiongram - HoloLens

Microsoft Unveils Actiongram for HoloLens

Create your own holographic movie.

VRFocus has been reporting on some of the software being developed for Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD), HoloLens for sometime now. Projects include Galaxy Explorer, FragmentsYoung Conker and RoboRaid. Recently the company revealed its latest title in development, a holographic movie maker called Actiongram.

With Actiongram users will be able to create their own videos with people interacting with holograms. Designed as a simple, fun app, you pick a character from a predefined list which includes spacemen, animals, dinosaurs, zombies, planets, sportsmen and a host of other examples, then film someone interacting with it. They can be edited by moving, resizing, and rotating, all with hand gestures before being recorded, then shared with your friends.

The software is still in a beta stage, although that won’t really matter to most people as HoloLens is only available as a developer kit. The kit costs $3,000 USD, its only available in the US and Canada, and will being shipping at the end of this month.

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of HoloLens, reporting back any further announcements.

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