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ModBox Confirmed for HTC Vive Launch

Create your own mini-games with Alientrap’s sandbox creation title.

With the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) launch only a week away more titles are being confirmed to be available for that 5th April date. The HMD will see a variety of different genres available and players will be able to let their creative minds go to work in virtual reality (VR) with several design apps. Tilt Brush from Google will be bundled with the kit, but also available on day one will be ModBox, a VR physics sandbox videogame.

Confirmed on its Steam page, and developed by Alientrap, ModBox takes a different approach to Tilt Brush by letting players create their own mini-games, with can then be shared online. And if you’re searching for ideas or just want to have some fun then you’ll be able to try out other gamers creations.

ModBox screenshot

There’s a variety of different primitive shapes to use; cubes, rectangles etc which can then be modified further. Then hinges, switches, balloons, propellers and more can be added and wired together to bring them to life. There’s also an abundance of toys that can be utilised including. baseball bats, basketballs, crossbows, pistols and chainsaws.

Alientrap released a trailer for ModBox back in December 2015 showcasing some of the options available. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Modbox, reporting back any further updates before launch.

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