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nDreams Working on Mobile VR HMDs ‘that we can’t talk about’

UK-based virtual reality (VR) developer nDreams is already well versed in the world of mobile VR. The developer has released not one but two VR titles across two head-mounted displays (HMDs) in Gunner for Gear VR and Perfect Beach for both Gear VR and Google Cardboard. While work on the studio’s first videogame for high-end HMDs, The Assembly, continues on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, then, nDreams is also committed to the future of mobile VR. In fact, the studio is even working on HMDs that are yet to be revealed.


nDreams CEO Patrick O’luanaigh said as much speaking to VRFocus ahead of the team’s BAFTA talk in London this week. “We’re committed to mobile, definitely,” the CEO said. “Half the team is mobile, half the team is high-end now. So we don’t know which is going to end up being more successful. Both have got a lot of fantastic things about them. Mobile is casual and mass market and cheap and easy to use, a low point of entry which is fantastic. So we’re doing stuff with Gear, we’re working with Google Cardboard, we’re working on some headsets that we can’t talk about, so that’s going to be exciting.

“And high end VR is amazing, there’s such fantastic, high-quality things you can’t do at the moment on mobile VR so we’re supporting both. We’re going to see where it takes us,” he concluded.

Just what HMDs could O’luanaigh be referring to? One of the biggest rumours in the industry right now is that Google is working on another mobile VR device, perhaps even running completely independently, with all of the hardware included inside the HMD itself and not relying on a smartphone. Could the developer already be working with the rumoured kit if it does indeed exist?

Either way, O’luanaigh’s tease promises that exciting things are in store for mobile VR in 2016. VRFocus will be there to cover it all.

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