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New Details on PSVR’s Golem Confirm 90FPS, Sword Combat & More

One of the more intriguing titles to be announced for the PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) at last year’s PlayStation Experience was Golem, the debut project from Seattle-based Highwire Games. The fantasy videogame was revealed via a brief trailer that didn’t offer much in the way of details, but its striking art style and roster of developers from Halo developer Bungie and Infamous studio Sucker Punch made it one to look out for. Though there’s still much to learn about the project, some new details have trickled out this month.

Golem (3)

IGN has gone hands-on with Golem as part of its First coverage for this month. The site reconfirmed details such as taking on the role of a bedridden girl that discovers she has the power to control giant stone golems. Not only that, but the preview suggests that the girl will also control a doll within her room, shrinking players down and allowing them to explore beneath her confinement. Crucially, the site notes that this was done with the help of the PlayStation Move motion controller, which acted as the player’s hand holding a pink crystal that transported them into the figure.

While head movements are reportedly used for navigation, the single Move controller had multiple applications, including operating a flashlight and, when later in control of a larger Golem, wielding a sword, as already noted last year. Combat was said to work by having the player first use 1:1 interactions to block an opponent’s attacks, thus opening up the opportunity to strike for yourself. The entire experience was said to be running at a 90fps too, meaning that PlayStation 4 itself is running at this framerate and not ‘reprojecting’ the experience like 60fps games do to reach 120fps.

Interestingly, the studio revealed that Golem has been in the works for two years, and will not be a launch title for PlayStation VR, which it is currently exclusive to. For more on Golem, check back with VRFocus.

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