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New SuperHyperCube 360 Gameplay Footage Released

Try out SuperHyperCube before it comes out with this 360 degree YouTube gameplay video.

All that was previously revealed of SuperHyperCube, developed by Kokoromi, was a teaser trailer way back when PlayStation VR (PSVR) was dubbed Project Morpheus. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has now released on its PlayStation YouTube channel brand new 360 degree gameplay footage for the first-person neon puzzler.

SuperHyperCube, a timed PSVR exclusive, has been brought to life with the use of the YouTube 360 video capabilities, putting the viewer in the place of the player, showcasing how the progressively fast-paced gameplay of the arcade videogame works. The idea of the title is that the player has to match cubes with the forthcoming walls – if that sounded simple enough, you would be mistaken as the cubes increase and change in shape, with the player having to reorientate them before they crash with the walls.

Super Hypercube Screenshot

The gameplay below is of the first level in the increasingly skill-testing videogame. The release of SuperHyperCube can be expected to coincide with the release of the PSVR, which will be October of this year.

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