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Defense Grid 2 screenshot

Oculus Begin Developer Showcase Series With Defense Grid 2 Trailer

Today Oculus launched a brand new outreach project to help promote titles coming out on its Oculus Rift head mounted display (HMD). This project, the Developer Showcase, is going to be a new regular series where one game will be chosen and numerous updates will appear throughout the week.

The spotlight for this debut week of the Developer Showcase is being shone on tower defense strategy game Defense Grid 2, which received a new trailer for its ‘Enhanced VR Edition’ today. The narrated video gives something of an overview of game play with some frantic action defending against the oncoming hordes.

Follow up updates listed in the reddit post by Oculus VR’s Community Manager are: New screenshots which are being revealed tomorrow, followed by a reddit AMA with developer Hidden Path Entertainment’s CEO Jeff Pobst on the 10th. There’s an ‘exclusive item’ giveaway on Twitter on the 11th (presumably via Oculus’s official Twitter account although this is not directly stated) before the week is rounded off with a summary of everything that has happened on Saturday.


VRFocus will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest reveals from the Developer Showcase.

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