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OptiTrack Showcase Interactive VR Basketball at GDC 2016

Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and IKinema’s LiveAction V2.

Most of the virtual reality (VR) demonstrations at this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC) will be experiences and video games that you can experience with your own head-mounted displays (HMD) at your leisure. OptiTrack has taken this experience and pushed the boundaries with its large scale interactive VR basketball set up at the event this week.

Using HMDs the technology can track more than 75 people at the same time with less than five second latency using a wide-angle camera, allowing players to simulate a real-time game of basketball in a virtual environment. This is done by OptiTrack with the use of Unreal Engine 4 and real-time VR retargeting and solving software, IKinema’s LiveAction V2.

opitechbasketball 1

Brian Nilles, Chief Strategy Officer of OptiTrack, said in a press release: “What’s already been accomplished in the VR space from a technology standpoint is incredible, but very few VR experiences offer interactivity and the freedom to walk around a very large room.

“Our systems enable developers to create high quality large-scale experiences and essentially turn any physical object into a motion controller or dynamic in-game element. As our VR customers have recently been pointing out to us daily, the potential applications are endless.”

OptiTrack will be allowing people to try out the basketball experience the whole of this week at GDC.

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