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HTC Vive CV1 / HTC Vive Consumer Version

Overclockers UK Creating Dedicated HTC Vive Area in Showroom

Not tried virtual reality yet, Overclockers UK will have a HTC Vive setup so you can.

Virtual reality (VR) is looking to be one of the biggest technology trends of 2016. There’re a multitude of different companies investing in an industry expected to be worth billions in the next few years. Overclockers UK, a Newcastle-Under-Lyme-based retailer of PC components is capitalising on this buzz by expanding its showroom area to incorporate a HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

Announcing the Overclockers UK Room Scale VR Experience, the company has created a 20m2 room specifically for customers to try out VR using Overclockers UK Virtual Reality Certified hardware.

HTC Vive CV1

To open the new area the company is hosting a special event at the showroom on 19th March, it’ll be open to the public and an online booking system will be in place so customers can reserve their place. After that date the Room Scale VR Experience will become a permanent feature within the store for people to go in a try.

As well as selling the PC components to build or upgrade your existing PC, Overclockers UK will be selling all-in-one out of the box solutions to get you started from £749. The store will also be selling VR compatible peripherals to make it a one stop shop for VR enthusiasts.

VRFocus will continue to cover any further VR related announcements from Overclockers UK, as the company expands into VR.

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