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Owlchemy Preview Social Spectator Mode for Job Simulator

There’s a new way to watch the mischief players get up to in Job Simulator.

There’s no shortage of humorous gameplay footage when it comes to Job Simulator, from munching on donuts to stapling the coffee machine, but it has all been from limited points of view. Owlchemy, developers of the exclusively virtual reality (VR) title, has now developed a new social way to share gameplay with Spectator Mode.

During Spectator Mode, a new feature added to the HTC Vive launch title, allows the player to move an external camera within the game to track what they do, letting others watch gameplay from different angles as well as from other static views. Alex from Owlchemy, who features in the video below, explains that the external cam can be placed anywhere, and even held as a handheld camera, saying that he is “excited to see what people do with it in the final game”.

job simulator spectator view

The developers over at Owlchemy continue to showcase more of what you can do during the videogame, including the grilling and throwing of meat, waste-basketball with added celebratory confetti, and the juggling of donuts as the final trick.

The Vive will launch next week and buyers of the head-mounted display (HMD) can expect titles such as Job Simulator, Northway Games’ Fantastic Contraption, and the much-talked about painting title, Tilt Brush. Stay tuned with VRFocus for the latest during the launch, as well as for all VR news and updates.

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