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PlayStation VR’s Launch Bundle Sells Out in Minutes at Amazon US

Day one hopefuls can still shoot for next week’s core package.

As promised, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has today launched its pre-order campaign for a launch bundle for the PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). The $499 USD bundle went up for sale at 07:00 PT and there were clearly a lot of eager VR fans ready and waiting. As such, Amazon itself has already sold out of the launch bundle for now, with no clear sign of when or even if more units might arrive.

PlayStation VR headset

The launch bundle for PlayStation VR includes the unit itself, ready to plug into a PlayStation 4 console, along with two PlayStation Move motion controllers for use with certain experiences and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds, the compilation title from SCE London Studio. In less than half an hour the kit went from on sale to ‘Currently unavailable’. SCE is yet to provide an update on the situation for those that weren’t fast enough to grab one.

Not all hope is lost for day one hopefuls, though, as pre-orders for a core unit with just the HMD will be launching for $399 in the US at the same time on 29th March 2016. With or without the bundle, you can still get some free content for PlayStation VR in the free download, The Playroom VR, and a demo disc set to come with the kit.

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