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Price Rumours Surfacing on Samsung Gear 360

A little over a week ago, just prior to the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Spain, Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked event to launch its S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. Virtual reality (VR) featured heavily at the show, and Samsung surprised everyone by unveiling a 360-degree camera called Gear 360. The manufacturer has yet to announce an official price, but rumours of listings have appeared online.

On the day of the Unpacked event, VRFocus reported a price of $99 USD for the Gear 360 which was obtained from a Samsung website. That price listing has since been removed, and contacting Samsung for comment has yet to be successful.


But appearing on the /r/Gear360 subreddit, users have spotted a price listing on B&H Photo Video showing a much higher price point of $399.99 USD. This puts the Gear 360 in a similar price bracket to rivals like 360fly ($399.99 USD) and Ricoh Theta S ($349.95 USD). This is likely a placeholder price as is quite common with online retail sites, but with no confirmation by Samsung as of yet, the price is anyone’s guess.

What has been confirmed are the full specifications for the Gear 360, it features two 15 megapixel cameras that capture in 3840 x 1920 in 30fps. With video and photo modes alongside time lapse video and looping video options. The camera has a MicroSD card slot that will allow up to 128GB of memory to be added, a 1,350mAh Li-ion battery and is IP53 certified dust and water resistant.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gear 360, reporting back with the latest announcements.

  1. If Samsung is clever enough to sale it under/around 100USD, they will do a very smart move and capture a lot of customers. That will also attract new people to the new S7 products!
    If they align their price to competitors, they will probably not sale much…

    1. That is way too low for what it offers… its resolution is VERY close to 4K, 30fps, 30MP photos, waterproof & dustproof, etc. You can’t sell quality like that for $100.

  2. Hopefully it will be sold at an affordable price. As a samsung phone user, I will be interested in purchasing the gear 360 camera if it’s offered between 100-200 USD range. I already pre-ordered the samsung galaxy 7 edge and VR gear so buying a $400 camera is too much. Samsung’so best move is to have samsung phone owners get their hands on this camera and flood Facebook (where the 360 video and camera can be viewed) to encourage other to buy or switch to their phones.

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