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Resolution Games Releases Teaser Trailer for Bait! on Gear VR

Swedish developer Resolution Games raised $6 million USD in funding last summer to fund future virtual reality (VR) projects it had planned. At the time the studio revealed it was working on an unnamed fishing videogame as a follow up to its debut Samsung Gear VR project Solitaire Jester. Now the first details have emerged for the title, called Bait!, with the release of a teaser video.

Launching later this month on Samsung’s mobile head-mounted display (HMD) Gear VR, Bait! is centred around Bait Island a dedicated fishing resort where players can fish in idylic crystal clear blue lakes, rocky pools or murky swamps. There’re two fishing shops to choose from although its unclear what the difference between the two is.

When player catch a fish stats will be displayed showing the type fish, its weight, previous weight record, value and total fund balance. As the each fish will probablly have its own financial value due to type and weight, players can earn more money to buy or upgrade their kit to improve their chances.

Bait! will be available to download from the Oculus store on 24th, March 2016, no prices have yet been announced. VRFocus will continue to follow any further updates from Resolution Games, reporting back the latest announcements.

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